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Encumbrance Certificates in Telangana: Process and Procedure

Updated: Apr 16

Understanding Encumbrance Certificates in Telangana: In the vibrant real estate landscape of Telangana, obtaining an encumbrance certificate is a crucial step to ensure the legitimacy and clarity of property transactions. Whether you're a prospective buyer, seller, or someone seeking a loan against property, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the specifics of obtaining an encumbrance certificate in Telangana.

What is an Encumbrance Certificate?

An encumbrance certificate is a legal document that provides a comprehensive record of all financial transactions and legal liabilities associated with a particular property. It essentially serves as proof of ownership without any monetary or legal encumbrances.

Why is an Encumbrance Certificate Important?

1. Clear Title Verification:

  • The certificate helps verify the clear title of the property by confirming that it is free from any legal disputes or financial liabilities.

2. Property Transaction Assurance:

  • Both buyers and sellers benefit from the certificate. Buyers gain assurance that the property they are purchasing is not burdened by debts, and sellers can demonstrate the clear title of their property.

3. Loan Processing:

  • Financial institutions often require an encumbrance certificate when processing loans against a property. It helps them assess the property's marketability and the borrower's ability to repay.

Contents of an Encumbrance Certificate:

The certificate typically includes the following information:

  • Property Details: Description and details of the property, including its survey number, location, and boundaries.

  • Transactions and Mortgages: Comprehensive records of all transactions, including sales, purchases, mortgages, leases, and any legal claims on the property.

  • Period of Certification: The certificate is issued for a specific period, often covering a certain number of years. It provides a snapshot of the property's history during that timeframe.

Online Encumbrance Certificate Search in Telangana: Quick Guide

In Telangana, accessing encumbrance certificates online is streamlined for transactions post 01-01-1983. For transactions pre-01-01-1983, visit the Sub-Registrar's Office with jurisdiction information. .

Step 1: Visit Step 2: Log in to your account and click on Encumbrance Search

Step 3: You can either search it by Document Number or through Property.

Fees for issuing of certified copies of Encumbrance Certificate:

  1. Conducting search and issue of certified copy - Rs.200/- per certificate

  2. Conducting search and issue of Encumbrance Certificates:

  3. upto 30 years - Rs.200/- per certificate

  4. More than 30 years - Rs.500/- per certificate


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