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Vakalatnama Form: 

A "Vakalatnama" is a legal document in Indian law that authorizes a lawyer to represent a client in court. It is essentially a power of attorney given by the client to the advocate. The term "Vakalatnama" is derived from two words: "Vakalat," which means authority or power of attorney, and "Nama," which means a document. When a person engages the services of a lawyer to represent them in a legal matter, they sign a Vakalatnama, which formally appoints the lawyer to act on their behalf.

This document outlines the scope of the lawyer's authority, the specific case or matter for which representation is sought, and other relevant details. The Vakalatnama is an important and standard legal document used in the legal system in India. It helps establish a formal attorney-client relationship and ensures that the lawyer has the necessary authority to act on behalf of the client in legal proceedings.

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