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Notable Judgements by Supreme Court of India in 2021:

The Pandemic and Lockdown had bought down the country to a standstill and the 2nd wave had a wide impact on every individual. Due to technological advancements and rapid adoption of technology in the Legal Industry, the Courts have functioned virtually and ensured that there was no timely delay of justice.

There were various judgements passed by Supreme Court in 2021, This Article aims to explore the judgements passed by the court affecting public at large.

Persons With Disabilities Should Not Be Asked to Remove Prosthetic Limbs At Airport Security Checks. Case: Jeeja Ghosh vs Union of India;

Right to apply for bail is an individual right implicit in Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution. Case: High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan v. State of Rajasthan and Another.

When case is dismissed on merits, the advocate cannot be blamed for deficiency in service. Case : Nandlal Lohariya vs Jagdish Chand Purohit.

Shaheen Bagh Protest: Right To Protest Cannot Be Any Time And Everywhere. Case: Kaniz Fatima v. Commissioner of Police

Open Courts and Media Freedom to Report Court Hearings. Case: Election Commission of India v MR Vijaya Bhaskar.

Political parties must Publish Criminal Antecedents Of Candidates Within 48 Hours Of Their Selection: Brajesh Singh vs. Sunil Arora ; Contempt Petn (Civil) 656 OF 2020


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